Winter Semester 2021/2022

1st programme semester

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Basics of Economics Wedlich
Basics of Computer Science John
Mathematics 1 Gnuschke-Hauschild, Schneller
Programming 1 Heinzl, Christen
All Courses

3rd programme semester

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IT Organisation & IT Controlling Weber
IT Project Management John, Weber
Logistics Liebstückel
Software Development Fertig
Innovation Management and Business Creation Müßig
All Courses

Core Electives (FWPM)

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Advanced Database Techniques (FWPM) Rott Moodle
Autonomous Cars (FWPM) Balzer Moodle
Big Data & Analytics (FWPM) Gröger Moodle
Law Challenged by Innovative Technology (FWPM) Ehret Moodle
Marketing Intelligence & Innovation (FWPM) Vogelsang Moodle
Open Innovation International (FWPM) Müßig, Röhl Moodle
Project and Strategic Management (FWPM) Wedlich, Ziegler Moodle
Testing Software: Theoretic Approaches and Practical Introduction (FWPM) Scheiner, Unkelbach Moodle
Technical Data Protection (FWPM) Schinner, Wolff Moodle
Tool Supported Distance Learning (FWPM) Müller Moodle
From the Idea to a Marketable App - App Entrepreneurship (FWPM) Hillenbrand Moodle

Study plan