How can I find a suitable work placement?

Our business partners in and around Würzburg

The FHWS Praxis International Team is currently looking for interesting business partners in the Würzburg area.
You will find here all open positions including important information on the tasks in the respective companies.

Schneider Electirc

Schneider Electric offers digital energy and automation solutions for efficiency and sustainability. Through combining state-of-the-art energy technology with real-time automation, software and service, they create integrated solutions for houses and other buildings, data centres and other branches of industry.
For more information on the company, please visit: Schneider Electric 

Join Schneider Electric for a semester:

WAREMA Renkhoff

WAREMA Renkhoff is a company that specialises in sun protection solutions. Depending on your profile, skills, and field of expertise, WAREMA Renkhoff offers a placement for up to six months, during which you are able to gain hands-on experience. From the Internet of Things or Smart Home solutions, they develop and design trend-setting products.

For more information on the company, please visit: WAREMA Renkhoff

Advice on finding a suitable employer in Würzburg

Of course you can apply to a company of your choice, too.

In the following you will find links to external internship databases which may help you find the right work placement for you: