How can I find a suitable work placement?

Our business partners in Würzburg

The picture shows a sight of Würzburg.

The FHWS Praxis International project team is currently looking for interesting business partners in the Würzburg region.

All available internships as well as all necessary information about the fields of activity in the respective company be requested from the FHWS Praxis International project team.

Internships will be available in the following areas:

  • E-Commerce
  • Computer Science
  • Business Information Systems

Business Partners:

Some tips on finding an internship.

This photo shows an office as an example.

Of course, you can also apply to a company of your choice. The contact persons for internships at your university will provide information about the suitability of the respective position or company.In the following you will find links to external internship platforms that might be helpful for finding a suitable internship abroad:

FHWS online job platform



Mein Praktikum


Erasmus Intern