Work placement abroad

This is a video describing how a stay abroad within the programme FHWS Praxis International works.

Get ready for the international labour market!

  •     You will get to know new working methods
  •     You will increase your chance of success in the workplace
  •     You will establish international contacts
  •     You will improve your language skills
  •     You will gain self-confidence and personal independence

Today, the experience of having worked abroad is more important than ever. We will help you with finding a suitable work placement in and around Würzburg.

Preparation is everything

What do I need?

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We explain which documents are required so that you can start your internship abroad!

Finding an internship?

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We have gathered a few valuable tips and interesting job portals for you!

How to apply?

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We have summarised everything you need to know about applying for an internship abroad on one page.

Let us address some misconceptions:

A group of students working together on laptops

"It is so expensive!"
Travel, accommodation, tuition and last but not least, food: a stay abroad isn’t cheap, that much is true. However, there are a number of programmes which can help you finance your stay abroad: Financing options.

"I will need to extend my studies!"

Not necessarily! You can do your work placement abroad at the same time as you would do your compulsory placement back home—except in a different location. You will not lose any time and your studies will not be delayed indefinitely. What you will do is gain valuable professional experience in an international environment and make many new contacts. 

"All this organisation is overwhelming!"
The FHWS Praxis International Team will assist you with organising your stay. We are constantly looking for more potential business partners in and around Würzburg, we will help you with the application process and we will tell you which papers you will need for your stay. You can find more on that in the paragraph "preparation is everything".

"The effort won't pay off in my career!"
We disagree! In addition to your personal development, a placement abroad gives you the opportunity to build your own international network from the ground up, which can be very useful in your later career. Also, you will benefit from your newly acquired language skills long after you have finished your studies.