6 reasons for a semester abroad

A semester abroad shows potential employers that you are willing and able to get out of your comfort zone, try new things and broaden your horizon. It also demonstrates that you are flexible, open-minded and tolerant.

There are numerous advantages to a semester abroad—both personal and professional! You get to:

  1. Discover your area of expertise from a new perspective

  2. Improve your language skills

  3. Establish international contacts

  4. Bring value to your future employer

  5. Become more confident and independent

  6. Know everyday life in a different country


Every semester, FHWS receives exchange students from international partner universities. One of the partner universities is Sheffield Hallam University, which has a long-standing and close relationship with the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems.

During the International Teaching Week, which takes place once a year, lecturers from SHU offer seminars at FHWS.