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Mobility Goes Virtual

Attend lectures of other universities, get to know your study subject from a different perspective, and work on projects in international teams... and all that without leaving Würzburg!

What is Mobility Goes Virtual about?

For the first time, the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems (FIW) offers you the great opportunity to go abroad virtually in the winter semester 2020/2021. The pilot project Mobility Goes Virtual adds a new dimension through giving a larger target group the chance to gain experience abroad during their studies.

The pilot project is realised in cooperation with Lucian Blaga University of Sibiu, Romania (ULBS) and facilitates the participation of students of both universities in a blended learning module. In this module different telepresence solutions will be tested and based on this, the basic concept of the first virtual Summer School at FHWS will be developed.

The aim of the project is not to replace physical mobilities with partner universities, but rather to complement and diversify the range of elective modules at FIW.

The Blended Learning Module in detail

Tool Supported Distance Learning
Type of module: Core elective module (FWPM)
Language: English
Study semester: 5-7
Course type: Seminar-like lecture, exercise course (block course)
ECTS points: 5
Type of exam: Portfolio assignment

Main topics:

Drawing of a man wearing VR goggles, representing the testing of telepresence solutions

Testing of different telepresence solutions

One focus of the module is on the testing and use of new technologies in order to realise telepresence (e.g. through the use of Double robots or with the help of VR elements). You and your team will test which technologies successfully facilitate teaching and learning, as well as teamwork and international exchange, besides the courses. The aim is to give a feeling of “being there” despite the physical distance. This is realised in accordance with didactic principles, the theory of which will also be discussed in the module.

The drawing shows a lightbulb in the form of a rocket. It represents the development of a concept.

Development of a concept for the first virtual Summer School (Topic: Smart City)

Based on the telepresence solutions tested, a concept for the realisation of a virtual Summer School will be developed within the module Tool Supported Distance Learning. The aim is to incorporate the use of the tested digital technologies in a meaningful way in the realisation of such an event. The main topic of the virtual Summer School will be “Smart City”. The module will teach the basics of the following topics: AI, Internet of Things, and Smart City Charta / Sustainable Development Goals.

(The drawing shows students of different backgrounds. They represent working in an international team.

The intercultural framework programme and working in international Teams

The module is open to all students of the aforementioned universities, which means that working in an international team spanning campuses is at the very core of the module. This way, you can train your intercultural competences and improve your foreign language skills. Cultural exchange is an integral part of the module. Therefore, the planning of the virtual Summer School will include the development of a digital intercultural framework programme, which has the aim of facilitating the intercultural exchange outside of the conventional classes.

Design with us the future of education! New Module - Test different telepresence options. Virtual communication – How does it work most  efficiently? You will test within the module the use of double robots, VR elements, digital whiteboards and more. International experience - build a team with students from other universities. Within the module you will work together virtually with ULBS students in Romania and conduct various joint experiments. You gain new knowledge and intercultural experiences. Become a concept designer - create a new concept for a virtual summer school.In summer semester 2021 the first virtual summer school will be realized at FHWS and you will be actively involved in the concept development within the module.