A stay abroad is a great thing and offers lots of opportunities, but it can also mean financial challenges.
You do not have to give up on your study abroad dream: As part of our project, we offer scholarships—including to SHU students! In addition to this scholarship, there are other means of funding your stay abroad.

1. Scholarship

Under the umbrella of the project FHWS Praxis International, we award full DAAD scholarships to both FHWS and SHU students for 2020 and 2021.

As part of receiving the scholarship, you will be asked to submit a short monthly report in which you write about your experiences abroad. We will publish the reports, or parts of them, with your consent on our website. This way, future exchange students can benefit from your experiences.

Scholarship period: 6 month
Amount of the scholarship: € 750 per month; € 4,500 in total
For your application you will need: Your CV (no more than 1 page), an up-to-date transcript, a letter of motivation (no more than 1 page). In your letter you will need to explain why you have chosen to study abroad in Würzburg and why we should support you financially.  You can find further information on the requirements in the overview on the FHWS Praxis International scholarship.

2. Erasmus+

At the moment, it is still possible for UK students to receive Erasmus+ grants. When the funding will cease depends on the Brexit negotiations between the EU and the UK, so please keep informed about the current regulations and speak to your Erasmus+ co-ordinator at SHU.

3. Other grants

There are other ways you can receive funding for your stay abroad. For more information, you can visit the web pages of the FHWS International Office. Of course you can also refer to SHU resources.