All about your application

You want to stay in Würzburg and be part of our programme?

Congratulations, you have already made the first step!
The next step will be to plan your stay. No matter whether you leave for a semester or an internship abroad or maybe you combine the two—the most important thing is to plan ahead in due time. 

We have summed up the most important points of the application process below and would also like to give you some additional tips:


The picture shows an alarm clock as an example of the times and deadlines.

For incoming students, the deadlines are set by their home university. Therefore, please inform yourself about the deadlines at your International Office.


An example of checklists can be seen in the picture.

All detailed information about the documents you need and what you should consider before, during and after your stay abroad in one place.

Application process

The picture shows two people sitting in front of a laptop. It is an example for the application process.

Your way to Würzburg is only a few steps away. The FHWS Praxis Interantional team has summarised them all for you.

Support and Tips

[Translate to Englisch:] The picture is an example for help and shows students in front of a laptop giving each other assistance.

Unsure about your application? Find out about our support services.