Internationalisation of Business Contacts

Under the umbrella of the programme HAW.International, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD) funds a two-year project at the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems in cooperation with the International Office (HSIN) at the University of Applied Sciences Würzburg-Schweinfurt. The aim of the project is to intensify business contacs among students and staff alike.

Aims of the project

As part of the two-year project, strategies are being developed to draw the attention of the students of our faculty to the possibility of completing a practical semester abroad, to support the application process at local companies and to prepare the students accordingly for their stay abroad.

Partner university: Sheffield Hallam University

Our students are encouraged to go to Sheffield, as Sheffield Hallam University has been successfully cooperating with FHWS on several matters of internationalisation for many years now. FHWS students should have the opportunity to gain work experience and spend a semester studying at Sheffield Hallam University.
At the same time, we are developing opportunities for students from Sheffield Hallam University to partake in a stay in Würzburg and the region of Lower Franconia. In order to provide the students with valuable experience, we cooperate with two large international companies located in the region that will offer internships in IT.

We aim to facilitate exchange for both students and (teaching) staff: within the framework of the project, strategies are being developed to pave the way for professors and other staff of both universities to participate in work experience in the respective countries.

Based on the experience gathered, we are looking to establish and implement recommendations to successfully launch similar mobilities at other FHWS faculties.


The FHWS Praxis International team
Dean Prof. Dr Peter Braun (left) and Dr Daniel Wimmer, Head of International Office (right), with the two project team members Ms Maike Antlitz (front) und Ms Franziska Meyer (back). Photo: Senol Arslan

Additional information

  • Project flyer:
Your Sandwich Year in Würzburg - A flyer in which you can find all important information about the project.
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