Modelling faculty internal business processes

Project goal

With this project we intend to analyse, model and optimize the faculty internal business processes. To improve internal operations and while preparing them for later support through IT systems, we examine the most important business processes for which faculties are responsible. This includes all those business processes which are either completely within a faculty or which have only minor connection to administrative departments/units of FHWS. Headed by the FHWS chancellor, there is another project which examines the business processes that are mainly in the responsibility of the administrative departments/units.


A preparatory analysis has shown that even the basic processes, such as the administration of theses and mandatory internships in the faculties are handled differently in terms of their procedure and are also supported to varying degrees by IT systems. All faculty deans see great potential for standardising and optimising the procedures in the context of the digitalization of FHWS.


By consulting the faculties, the processes which are to be examined in the context of this project are first identified and prioritized. Then, the current status of each field is recorded and modelled by interviewing the responsible staff in the faculties. Through interviews and workshops together with staff from the administrative departments/units involved the contact points are discussed. A suggestion for a standardised procedure for each field is made and modelled in accordance with Business Process Model and Notation (BPMN 2.0). In this context, process optimisations are carried out under consideration of a planned IT support.

Digitisation of the processes

The business processes are to be implemented within the planned campus management system. Individual functions, however, can also be implemented in IT systems that are operated exclusively in the faculties. Communication and data exchange will take place via standardised interfaces.