International Teaching Week 2021

| e-commerce, computer science, business information systems
In the week from 07.06. to 11.06.2021, five modules will be offered by guest lecturers from our partner universities

After we had to cancel the International Week last year due to Corona, this year at least a small International Week with five courses from our European partner universities will take place again. These are elective courses (FWPM), blocked over five days and offered in English. The exams for these modules will take place on 11.06. 

  • Advanced Web Applications (Great Britain)
  • Introduction to Machine Learning (Romania)
  • Introduction to Motion Tracking and Gesture Recognition (Iceland)
  • Online Marketing Management (Finland)
  • Service productisation process: from idea innovation to production (Finland)

Currently, we are also planning the next summer semester with mostly digital courses and therefore the International Week courses will also be offered as videoconferences via Zoom. 

Module descriptions will soon be posted on the International Week page. Course selection will take place during the FWPM election in early March.