Interactive virtual tour of the SHL campus with the Actionbound app

Wed, 4 Nov 2020 | newsletter
FIW can now be visited easily and comfortably from home.

The Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems is now giving access to an interactive tour through the SHL campus to everyone interested. The tour introduces the faculty and the campus in a fun way, containing short informative texts and short quizzes. Especially during the ongoing coronavirus pandemic resulting in online teaching, persons interested and virtual exchange students who cannot physically visit FHWS due to current regulations are offered the opportunity to get to know FIW in a different way.

The tour can be accessed through the QR code shown below or through clicking on You will need a smartphone to access the tour. You will also need to download the Actionbound app (free for all devices in the App Store and the Play Store). The tour can be undertaken or downloaded from anywhere.

In addition to general facts and figures on FIW, several facilities and projects will be introduced, giving a first overview of studying and working at the faculty. This interactive tour is intended to complement the existing information material on FIW, such as the guided tour through the building in video format or the 360° views.