Successful re-accreditation of all degree programs

Fri, 15 Jan 2021 | e-commerce, computer science, business information systems, master's studies
The very good quality of our degree programs was again confirmed by external reviewers

At the beginning of January, the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems received the certificates from the Accreditation Commission.

This means that all four degree programs have been re-accredited without any conditions until the end of September 2027. The basis for this was a self-report of the faculty and the on-site inspection by an expert commission of the accreditation agency ASIIN in October 2020.

The expert commission consisted of several professors and students from other universities, as well as IT experts from practice.

During the on-site visit, questions regarding the content of the degree programs, the organisation of studies and studyability, as well as the organisation of examinations and internal quality assurance were discussed with the lecturers and a group of students from our faculty.

The evaluation committee was able to convince itself of the high quality of the degree programs on all points. In particular, the excellent supervision situation and the equipment of the lecture halls and laboratories were emphasised.