International Students and Guests

Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems

With almost 1.000 students and currently 20 professors, the Faculty of Computer Science and Business Information Systems of the FHWS is one of the largest faculties of the university. It is located in Würzburg at the Sanderheinrichsleitenweg together with the Faculty of Design.

We currently offer the following degree programmes mainly in German:

  •  E-Commerce (Bachelor of Science)
  •  Computer Science (Bachelor of Engineering)
  •  Business Information Systems (Bachelor of Science)
  •  Information Systems (Master of Science)

We are also active in the areas of research, especially in cooperative doctoral projects of more than ten doctoral students. Among our colleagues are two research professors for Socio-Informatics and Internet of Things.

The faculty supports our University's strategy of internationalisation by offering a wide range of opportunities to our students for semesters abroad and field trips as well as through the International Week.

Semester Schedule

Winter Semester

  • Semester starts on 1 October
  • Courses end at end of January
  • Exam period lasts until mid of February

Summer Semester

  • Semester starts on 15 March
  • Courses end at beginning of July
  • Exam period lasts until end of July / beginning of August

From the following list it can be seen that most of the English-taught courses are offered in the summer semester. Therefore, we strongly recommend to spent a semester abroad at our Faculty during the summer semester.

Modules taught in English

The following courses are normally taught in German but the lecturer can switch to English if a foreign student without proper knowledge of German takes part. Except otherwise noted, all modules are worth 5 ECTS credits.

  • Software Engineering 1 (summer semester)
  • Software Engineering 2 (summer semester)
  • Seminar Management of Digital Innovations (summer semester)
  • Programming Project (summer semester)
  • IT Project Management (summer semester)
  • Parallel and Distributed Systems (summer semester / the online course can be taken in the winter semester as well)
  • Information Security Management (winter semester)
  • Software Development Project (every semester, 10 ECTS credits)
  • Bachelor's Thesis (every semester, 15 ECTS credits)

Electives taught in English

The following courses are electives to be taken by bachelor's students in their final year. Whether the courses are offered depends on whether enough students have chosen them. All courses are worth 5 ECTS credits.

  • Mobile Applications in Android (summer semester)
  • Clean Code (summer semester)
  • Requirements Engineering (summer semester)
  • Microservices (summer semester)


International Teaching Week

Every year during the summer semester (around May or June, depending on the public holidays), our Faculty organises an International Teaching Week for students in the bachelor's programmes. During this week, approximately eight to ten elective courses are offered in parallel by lecturers from our partner universities. The courses take place from Monday to Friday from approx. 9:00 to 18:00. The exams for this module are held on Friday afternoon.

The courses are mainly aimed at students in the 6th semester or higher. During this week all other courses for the sixth semester will be suspended.

The next International Teaching Week will take place from 11 May 2020 to 15 May 2020. The following courses are planned to be offered:

  • Advanced Web Applications
  • Agile Project Management
  • Diversity Online Marketing
  • Evolutionary Algorithms for Business Applications
  • Introduction in Machine Learning
  • Introduction to Motion Tracking and Gesture Recognition
  • Java EE and OpenGL
  • Machine Learning and Cloud Computing
  • Networks, Crowds and Markets
  • Online Marketing Management
  • Service Productisation Process: From Idea Innovation to Production

All courses are worth 5 ECTS credits. Since all courses run in parallel, students can only pick one course!


Please check the requirements for studying at our University. You can apply for a semester at FHWS online.

Guest professors and guest lecturers

We have experience in hosting colleagues from foreign universities. For many years, our Faculty organises an International Teaching Week, where a full course is given within a single week.

Besides that, we invite colleagues to spend a longer period of time (between two weeks and two months) at our Faculty for teaching and research.


If you have any questions, please contact the International Affairs Officer Prof. Dr. Peter Braun.